Payment control: Sales, commissions, history, and more

Keep up-to-date cash receipts and expenditures in your business

Keep your business cash flow up to date

AgendaPro allows you to maintain cash control in a simple and effective way, allowing you to see the income and expenses of your business in real time. You will be able to calculate the commissions of your professionals, apply discounts and check the collections from anywhere.


Control the payment of appointments and products in real time

Take all the collections in real time and keep your box updated.

automated cash flow
The payment of appointments and your products, all linked to our reservation system in the cloud that will keep your business in order.


Automate the calculation of commissions for your professionals

With AgendaPro you will be able to automatically calculate the commissions of the professionals who work in your business.

No mistakes or wasted time
Avoid headaches by calculating the commissions and matching each of the services with the account of your providers, AgendaPro does everything automatically and in real time.


Allow your customers to pay a part of the cost of the service

Reduce no-shows by allowing your clients to pay a part of the cost of the service with the reservation.

Encourage attendance at each reservation
We know that your time is valuable and so that your clients know it, you can request an advance and in this way your clients will be forced to attend their appointment.


Save time and avoid errors with our software

Consult the period of time you want and get all the information instantly.

Create reports to analyze the progress of the business
When making decisions in your business it is very important that you take into account the data generated so far, in this way you will avoid rookie mistakes and take your business on the right path.

We have everything you need to digitize your business

What other functionalities can you find within AgendaPro?

Electronic billing

No more paper bills

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Your expert in Smart Marketing

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Commissions Report

Calculation of automatic commissions

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Automatic Reminders

Send reminders of your reservations by WhatsApp

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Why use a system to schedule hours?

A software with an online agenda works like an ERP for SMEs. It is versatile, it can work as an agenda in your hairdresser or as a tool to keep the medical records of patients in a medical center. The system gives you the option to create your own mobile applications (mobile applications) such as google app and have management control of your business.

In addition to having inventory control and helping your marketing. All in the same administrative software for business. Schedule a demo and discover how we can help you.

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