Teleconsulta: Digital tool specialized in medical consultations

The era of telemedicine is here to stay

Offer online medical consultations to optimize your time and that of your patients

Reach your patients where they feel most comfortable, with the AgendaPro Teleconsultation tool you can make private video calls and with tools specialized in medical consultations. It's time to take your medical center to the digital world.


Connect with your patients from anywhere

Offer comfort to your patients and deliver great value! Many centers began to offer their patients the possibility of continuing to care for them online.

A facility that your patients will appreciate
With this functionality you do not abandon your patients, you continue generating reservations and increasing the income of your medical center.


Take care of your patients digitally through AgendaPro

We know that delivering security and confidentiality to your patients is one of your main objectives. From now on you can continue to provide that same reliability through online service.

Privacy and security guaranteed
Your patients will be able to obtain a unique link of their appointments and will have a secure video call thanks to the technology we use.

We have everything you need to digitize your business

What other functionalities can you find within AgendaPro?

Medical Agenda

Organize your reservations online automatically

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Customer loyalty

Get your customers back to your business

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RIPS files

Everything you need for your RIPS

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cash system

Your box updated in real time

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Why use a system to schedule hours?

A software with an online agenda works like an ERP for SMEs. It is versatile, it can work as an agenda in your hairdresser or as a tool to keep the medical records of patients in a medical center. The system gives you the option to create your own mobile applications (mobile applications) such as google app and have management control of your business.

In addition to having inventory control and helping your marketing. All in the same administrative software for business. Schedule a demo and discover how we can help you.

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