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Digitize the agenda of your nail salon and get full control of your business!


Mantén el orden en tu agenda

Do you lose revenue and customers by making mistakes when scheduling appointments manually?


Calculate commissions automatically

Do you waste time calculating commissions and tend to make mistakes?


Send automatic appointment reminders

Do you have many last-minute no-shows or cancellations?


Retain your loyal customers

Don't have time to pamper your best clients?


Why are we the best nail software?

AgendaPro is the best nail salon management software in Latin America and, among all the options on the market, it has an incredible value for money. This nail software is a very complete program from which you can manage various variables of your business, automate day-to-day tasks, and simplify your work. Our clients increase their sales up to 82% at the end of their first two years with AgendaPro!

Check out some of the features that this intuitive nail software has:

  • Online schedule available 24/7
  • Payment processing online and/or through a bank terminal (POS)
  • Automated management of income, expenses and commissions of professionals
  • Inventory control
  • Sending automatic reminders through different channels: email, WhatsApp or SMS.
  • Marketplace to give more visibility to your nail business

AgendaPro nail salon software manages various operations of your center in real time and offers reports that will help you make better business decisions. In them you can review important indicators such as the percentage of occupation, sales or customers, as well as compare these metrics against previous periods.


Automate your schedule and offer it 24/7 on all your channels

Access your online agenda from any device (mobile, computer or tablet) that has an internet connection. After each new reservation, cancellation or change, the agenda is automatically updated.

Integration with social networks
By inserting the link to the agenda on your social networks and website, you will allow your clients to book directly from there. All the information is automatically updated in the system and you can check your reservations from any device with internet access!

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Calculate commissions quickly and accurately at any time

¡Delega el cálculo de comisiones de tus profesionales en nuestro software de gestión de salón de uñas! Puedes establecer comisiones personalizadas para cada uno de los servicios y/o productos, así como para cada profesional. ¿Listo para liberar todo el tiempo que sueles invertir en ello?

Get the commission report in a matter of clicks
Designate the period of dates to perform the automatic calculation and download a report with all the information. Save time and avoid confusion thanks to the integration of commissions and the sale of products / services!

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Apply Rebound Marketing and increase your benefits

Loyalty to a customer is much less expensive than getting a new one. Also, although only 20% of a business's customers are usually loyal, they generate 80% of the business's income!

How to retain customers with nail salon software?
AgendaPro's loyalty tools have a lot to offer you! Personalize your clients' visits, show that you remember them on special dates and ask them for their opinion about the services provided. They will feel pampered and want to return to your salon as soon as possible!

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Reduce absences, save time and increase the income of your business

AgendaPro has a system for automatically sending appointment reminders that will help reduce involuntary no-shows and increase revenue for your nail and pedicure salon. Did you know that, according to a study, 98% of clients who confirm their appointment attend it? Forget about manually reminding your clients of the date and time of their reservations!

Reduces income losses caused by absences or "no-shows"
You can adapt the reminders to the needs of your nail salon, since the system allows you to send them at different times and through different channels. Choose if you want to send them the same day, 1, 2, or 3 days before the appointment, and if you want to do it by WhatsApp, SMS and/or email. In addition, in each reminder there is the option to confirm or cancel the reservation, which makes this process even easier for your clients.

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Simplifica tu día a día con este software para salón de uñas


Rebound Marketing

Increase profits and reduce costs with this innovative marketing technique

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Cash control

Take control of your finances in real time. Cash closings in one click and without errors exist!

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mobile APP

Create an exclusive personalized booking app for your business

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inventory control

Digitize your inventory and you can control it in real time

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management reports

Review the data you need to make sound business decisions

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online payment

Avoid no-shows and allow your customers to fully or partially pay for services in advance

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A pioneer digital ally in Rebound Marketing.

Did you know that 80% of your income comes from 20% of your customers, and Rebound Marketing knows how to find them and make them grow.



Create your online agenda and integrate it with all your social networks and your digital advertising. This way you start building your database.



Simplify and automate all the tasks of your business to dedicate yourself to what is most important, its growth.



Retain and retain that 20% of customers that generates 80% of your income with Automatic Marketing tools.



Transform those customers who only come to your store once into loyal and frequent customers, and grow your business with AgendaPro.


Thousands of professionals trust us!

“AgendaPro nos ayuda a tener el control de nuestra tienda en varios sentidos. Para nosotros es fundamental, hace más fácil el funcionamiento y nos hace trabajar con una tranquilidad increíble. Por otro lado, creemos que también es muy importante y fácil para las clientas el agendamiento, que nos ha llevado al éxito efectivo en un corto plazo.”

Bárbara Rojas

Hechas a Mano - Salón de manicura y pedicura

Frequent questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, feel free to contact us.

A nail software is a digital platform that facilitates and simplifies the administration of the business. One of the biggest advantages is that it allows access to the salon's information from any device connected to the Internet and includes all the necessary features to manage the business in the best possible way.

AgendaPro is the nail salon software that has the best value for money. You can review all the rates we offer in the "Plans" section. If you're still not sure if it's the perfect tool for your business, you can try it for free for a few days and see if it suits your needs.

AgendaPro has several email templates! You can adapt them to your business with our intuitive editor and send massive emails to your clients with promotions or congratulations on special dates.

Appointment reminders can be sent through various channels: WhatsApp, SMS and/or email.

Within the platform you can configure the access of certain employees to specific areas of the software that may contain sensitive information.

Too easy! We have a support team that will walk you through every step and help you import the information from your old software in a matter of minutes.

Businesses related to manicures and pedicures are usually very profitable if managed correctly. However, with the right tools like AgendaPro you can make it even more so!

Within the platform you will find a very complete tool that allows you to control the inventory of your products. You can even set stock alerts so you never go out of stock again!

With the AgendaPro nail salon app you will be able to manage many aspects of the business from a single platform: agenda, clients, sales, reminders, payments... and more!

One of the first things you should do is hire nail salon software like AgendaPro. Still don't have it?

Depending on the country you are in, we have different points of sale (POs) that are synchronized with AgendaPro, which will further simplify your management. Ask our specialists what are the options for your country!

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