Leading beauty salon software in Latin America

Manage your agenda, customer files, income, expenses, commissions and more in a single platform

Software para salón de belleza

Grow your business with the #1 beauty salon software in Latin America

Digitize the agenda of your beauty salon and achieve total control of your business!

Agenda para salón de belleza

Digitize your schedule

Do you lose clients for making mistakes when scheduling appointments manually?

Gestión para salón de belleza

Automate commissions

Are you wrong calculating the commissions of the professionals in your salon?

Software salones de belleza

control your inventory

¿El descontrol en tu inventario hace que pierdas ventas por quiebres de stock?

App salon de belleza

Get more reservations

Do you have many last-minute no-shows or cancellations?

Mejor software salón de belleza

What makes us the best beauty software?

AgendaPro is the best program to manage a beauty salon in Latin America and, among all the options on the market, it offers incredible value for money. This software for beauty salons is an all-in-one platform from which you can manage many variables of your business, automate day-to-day tasks, and simplify your work. Our clients increase their sales by up to 82% after their first two years with AgendaPro!

This intuitive beauty salon software has, among many others, these features:

  • Online schedule available 24/7
  • Collection system integrated with the platform: online payment and bank terminal (POS)
  • Automatic management of income, expenses and commissions of professionals
  • Stock control
  • Sending automatic reminders through different channels: email, WhatsApp or SMS.
  • Marketplace to give even more visibility to your beauty salon

AgendaPro beauty salon software manages all the operations of your center and offers reports that will help you make better business decisions. In them you can see relevant indicators such as the percentage of occupation, sales and customers, as well as compare those metrics against previous periods.


Digitize your agenda, offer it 24/7 and integrate it with your salon's social networks

Enter your online agenda from any device (mobile, computer or tablet) and anywhere: you only need an internet connection. The agenda is automatically updated with each new reservation, cancellation or change.

Integration with social networks
Insert the link to the online agenda in your social networks or website and allow your clients to book directly from there. All appointments will be automatically updated in the system!

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Agenda online salón de belleza
Gestión de salón de belleza


Automatically generate commission reports for your professionals and download them

Delegate to our software for beauty salons the calculation of commissions for your professionals! Free up the time you spend doing those accounts every week and worry about the most important thing: your customers.

Configure the calculation of commissions according to your needs
Designate specific commissions for each professional for the sale of products and/or services, and obtain an automatic report according to the sales made.

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Reduce absences with automatic reminders sent via email, SMS, or WhatsApp

Forget manually reminding your clients of the date and time of their appointments! Our salon software generates them automatically, which will help reduce involuntary no-shows and increase revenue for your salon. According to a study, 98% of clients who confirm their appointment attend it.

Reduces economic losses caused by absences or "no-shows"
Adapt the reminders to the operation of your beauty salon to send them at different times and through different channels. Choose if you want to send them the same day, 1, 2, or 3 days before the appointment, and if you want to do it by WhatsApp, SMS and/or email

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Software belleza
Programa para administrar salón de belleza


Digitize the inventory of your products and avoid stock breaks

Set alarms that automatically notify you when you have few units of a product left. Products are immediately subtracted from your inventory when you make a sale.

Avoid stock outs
The integration of inventory with the sales register and the calendar allows you to have full control of the business and helps you avoid losing income due to lack of products.

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Gracias a este programa para salón de belleza lograrás simplificar tu día a día

Software para centros de belleza

Cash control

Take control of your income and expenses in real time. Close the box with a click and without errors.

App para citas en salón de belleza

inventory control

Controla tu stock en tiempo real y configura alarmas automáticas para evitar quiebres

Software para salón de belleza gratis

Commission calculation

Configure the commissions of each professional and generate reports in one click

Software gestión centro belleza

Rebound Marketing

Loyalty your customers with this new technique. Increase profits and reduce costs!

Descargar software salón de belleza


Generate more sales and fill schedule gaps with automated campaigns.

Mejor software salón de belleza

online payment

Make your clients pay for your services in full or in part in advance, and also avoid no-shows

Pioneros en Rebound Marketing


Rebound Marketing



Crea tu agenda online e intégrala con todas tus redes sociales y tu publicidad digital. De esta manera comienzas a construir tu base de datos.

Rebound Marketing


Simplifica y automatiza toda las tareas de tu negocio para dedicarte a lo más importante, su crecimiento.

Rebound Marketing


Retiene y fideliza a ese 20% de clientes que te genera el 80% de tus ingresos con herramientas de Marketing Automático.

Rebound Marketing


Transforma a esos clientes que vienen solo una vez a tu local en clientes fieles y frecuentes, y haz crecer tu negocio de la mano de AgendaPro.

Thousands of professionals trust us!

“Yo definiría AgendaPro como tener control. Lo que más me gusta de AgendaPro es que, como propietario, puedes tener tranquilidad. Puedes aprovechar demasiado la plataforma para seguir creciendo.”

Ilka Razcon

The Queen´s Castle - Salón de belleza

Frequent questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, feel free to contact us.

A beauty salon software is a digital tool that facilitates business administration by making it easier and simpler. It allows access to the information of the salon from any device and includes all the necessary functionalities to manage the business optimally.

AgendaPro is the software that has the best value for money, in the "Plans" section you can see the rates we offer. If you are still not 100% sure if the platform is perfect for your business, you can try it for free for a few days and see if it suits your needs.

El software de gestión de salones de belleza es una herramienta que ayuda a organizar y simplificar todas las tareas del salón. Funciona a través de una aplicación fácil de usar donde se puede programar y gestionar citas de clientes, controlar el stock de productos, y procesar pagos. Además, guarda toda la información importante en la nube, permitiendo un acceso rápido y seguro. Este tipo de software de belleza se puede conectar con otros programas, como los de contabilidad o marketing, para hacer todo más eficiente y ordenado.

The sending of appointment reminders can be configured through several channels: WhatsApp, SMS and/or email.

Within the platform you can configure the access of certain employees to specific areas of the software that may contain sensitive information.

It's super easy! Our support team will accompany you at every step and help you import all the information from your previous software in a matter of minutes.

Within the platform you can configure the opening hours of the business, those of carrying out certain treatments and those of the different professionals in your salon. Customize it to your liking!

Within the system you will find a very complete tool that allows you to control the stock of your products. Set stock alerts and forget about outages forever!

With the AgendaPro beauty salon app you will be able to manage many aspects of the business from a single platform: agenda, clients, sales, reminders, payments... and more!

Depending on the country you are in, we have different points of sale (POS) to synchronize with the platform, which will further simplify your management. Ask our specialists what are the options for your country!

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