Automatic Reminders: for your clients' online reservations

Make sure your clients don't miss their appointments

Reduce your no-show rate by remembering appointments a day before

One of the great pains that businesses that work through scheduling have, are the absences of clients to their scheduled appointments, this causes a loss of money because they are occupying a schedule that could be used by someone who would attend. With AgendaPro you will be able to send appointment reminders a day before, in this way we help you reduce your no-show rate and give your clients the opportunity to reschedule.


Send automatic reminders

We know that a percentage of your reservations do not materialize due to the absence or prior notice of the clients.

Increase your income
With automatic reminders you will be able to increase the attendance of your clients and consequently you will increase the income of your business.


Confirm the attendance of your clients before the appointment

Knowing if the client will really attend their appointment will allow you to organize the hours of the professionals and the average sales per day.

Have security in your projections
With AgendaPro you will have the projection of the estimated income through reservations. Automatic reminders will help you meet that estimate, so you'll have a good idea of what your billing will be.


Quickly solve unforeseen events on the agenda of your professionals

The organization of the agenda of your professionals is essential when scheduling upcoming appointments, or seeing available spaces. But on many occasions the organization itself is complicated by unforeseen events and shortfalls in customer reservations.

Your clients give you the opportunity to spend hours
With the automatic reminders, your clients will be able to confirm or cancel their reservation, this gives you an excellent opportunity to take advantage of those vacant hours of the clients who canceled their appointment, together with Charly you will be able to promote those vacant hours.


Make your customers feel valued

Many times clients cannot answer their cell phones to confirm their appointment or it can seem a bit invasive.

non-invasive communication
Communicate with them by WhatsApp, SMS or email and let them know when, where and what time is your next appointment. They appreciate it and are grateful every day!

We have everything you need to digitize your business

What other functionalities can you find within AgendaPro?

Online reservations

Allow your customers to book online

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Customer Management

Have all the information of your clients organized

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Inventory Control

Control your inventory automatically online

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Medical Agenda

Organize your reservations online automatically

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Why use a system to schedule hours?

A software with an online agenda works like an ERP for SMEs. It is versatile, it can work as an agenda in your hairdresser or as a tool to keep the medical records of patients in a medical center. The system gives you the option to create your own mobile applications (mobile applications) such as google app and have management control of your business.

In addition to having inventory control and helping your marketing. All in the same administrative software for business. Schedule a demo and discover how we can help you.

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