Leading Medical Consultation Software in Latin America

Manage your schedule, clinical records, finances and more in one place

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Power your center with the best software for Medical Consultation in Latin America

Digitize your Medical Consultation and achieve total control of the business!

software consultorio médico

Keep your schedule in order

Stop wasting time and patients by manually scheduling appointments!

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digital medical record

Store your patient information securely and accessible

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Reduces absences

Prevent your patients from showing up without warning and losing hours of work

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Cash control

Automate your finances and start using online payment and/or a POS integrated with AgendaPro

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Why are we the best software for medical centers?

AgendaPro is the best software for Medical Consultation in Latin America thanks to its functionalities and its incredible value for money. Our clients manage to increase their sales by up to 82% in the first two years, since this medical consultation software helps to digitize and manage different business operations, automate frequent tasks and simplify your work. Join digitization and achieve the objectives of your office!

These are some of the tools that this intuitive software for medical consultations contains:

  • Digital Medical Agenda
  • Comprehensive collection system: advance online payment and point of sale terminal.
  • Administration of income and expenses
  • Sending automatic reminders via email, WhatsApp or SMS.
  • Marketplace to increase the visibility and patients of your medical practice

AgendaPro's medical consultation software manages different operations of your center and offers relevant indicators that will help you make better business decisions. Download the report and review such important metrics as the percentage of occupancy, sales or patients, as well as compare these parameters against previous periods.


Free up your time with a digital agenda that manages your medical consultation

Check the information related to your appointments and your business from wherever and whenever you want, you only need a device with an internet connection. The information in the agenda is automatically updated with each new reservation, cancellation or change!

Allow your patients to book 24/7 and increase your reservations
Forget spending so much time scheduling appointments by phone or WhatsApp. Insert the link to your online agenda on your social networks so that your patients can see your availability in real time and book their appointment directly. You can schedule according to the day, time, branch and professional you prefer!

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Review the evolution of your patients with digital clinical records

The AgendaPro clinical records allow you to store all the information and history of your patients in one place and have access to them from any device with an internet connection. In addition to being extremely secure, the clinical records are synchronized with the online agenda and the sales register, automating all the processes that derive from it.

The tabs are customizable
Organize the information in your medical records however you want! The tabs allow you to attach files and images, they can be customized to adapt to the needs of your business and to comply with the regulations of your country.

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Reduce absences, save time and increase the income of your practice

Sending automatic appointment reminders has many advantages: it allows your patients to confirm or modify their appointments in advance, it helps to reduce involuntary no-shows and it increases the income of your medical practice. 98% of clients who confirm their appointments attend them, forget about manually reminding your clients of the date and time of their reservations!

The best medical consultation software with automatic reminders
Tailor reminders to the needs of your medical office and have them sent automatically at different times and through different channels. You can send them the same day, 1, 2, or 3 days before the appointment, and you have different ways to do it: via WhatsApp, SMS and/or email. In addition, in each reminder your patients will be able to confirm or cancel the reservation, allowing you to reschedule the canceled hours and generating an increase in your attendance rate and in the income of the center

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Keep your business collections updated in real time

Automatically manage your business finances, saving time and avoiding errors. The AgendaPro till is updated with the reserves, which allows you to know the cash flow in real time and be able to make sound financial decisions. Delegate all these tedious tasks to automation!

Real-time information just a few clicks away
In a matter of seconds you will be able to know what your projected income is vs. the real income, the commissions of your professionals, the specific sales of certain services or products... And obtain reports of all those metrics! Join AgendaPro and start simplifying your day to day.

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Simplifica tu día a día con este software consulta médica

servicio médico en línea

online payment

Allow your patients to pay in full or in part when making an appointment on the web

software gestión medica

Electronic billing

Send automatic electronic invoices to keep your patients happy

software para el sector salud

Satisfaction surveys

Optimize your business taking into account the opinion of your patients

Software consulta médica

Mobile app

Create a custom app for your business on iOS or Android

app consulta médica

Cloud storage

Security, accessibility, users, roles, data and more

software para consulta médica

management reports

Sales, marketing, reservations... All the management indicators in one place!

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Crea tu agenda online e intégrala con todas tus redes sociales y tu publicidad digital. De esta manera comienzas a construir tu base de datos.

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Simplifica y automatiza toda las tareas de tu negocio para dedicarte a lo más importante, su crecimiento.

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Retén y fideliza a ese 20% de clientes que te genera el 80% de tus ingresos con herramientas de Marketing Automático.

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Transforma a esos clientes que vienen solo una vez a tu local en clientes fieles y frecuentes, y haz crecer tu negocio de la mano de AgendaPro.

Thousands of professionals trust us!

“AgendaPro nos permite ser más eficientes, en menos tiempo podemos cobrar y emitir las facturas electrónicas. ¡Nos permitió tener la agenda y las fichas electrónicas organizadas! AgendaPro mantiene una buena comunicación entre todos los profesionales que pueden estar viendo un mismo paciente.”

Cristóbal del Campo

Clínica Talus – Centro Médico

Frequent questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, feel free to contact us.

It is a digital platform that is used to manage your business easily and simply from any device. Within the tool, you will find all the necessary functionalities to manage your business in a completely optimal way.

AgendaPro is one of the applications for medical consultations with the best value for money. Check out all the rates we offer in the "Prices" section! If you are still not 100% sure if this is the perfect platform for your business, you can try it for free for a few days and see if it suits your needs.

AgendaPro has many features that will allow you to manage the agenda, patients, sales, reminders, payments and much more.

You can download it on Google Play, the App Store or access agendapro.com from your mobile.

Yes, it's very simple! Our support team will help you import all the data from your old medical consultation software in a matter of minutes.

It is much more than that, it is software that covers many more business areas than a conventional point of sale. With the addition of the payment terminal and the software (schedule, sales, marketing, patients, inventory, billing, etc.), you will have a very powerful tool to manage your Medical Consultations.

Obvious! We have a team dedicated exclusively to that function that will help you throughout your journey with us. They will gladly answer all your questions!

Booking an appointment with AgendaPro is extremely easy! Your patients will only have to click on the link to your online agenda and select the service they want to perform. If they prefer, they can also search for appointment availability according to the professional they want to see them.

AgendaPro has a very intuitive interface! So that you can learn to use the platform, when you start with us we will give you a training session with one of our professionals. If you still have doubts after the training, you can always turn to the AgendaPro academy, where you will find videos that will answer all your questions. In addition, you will always have support and support from us.

From the agenda, you can manage appointments by professional or local. At AgendaPro, more than 2 million appointments are processed per month.

Un software para consultorio médico proporciona múltiples beneficios, como la automatización de tareas administrativas, incluyendo la gestión que disminuye errores y ahorra tiempo al personal. Mejora la organización y el acceso a la información clínica. El sistema de almacenamiento en la nube permite consultar la información del consultorio en cualquier dispositivo con acceso a internet. La facilidad y comodidad que incrementa la satisfacción del paciente y favorece la fidelización.

Para descargar la app doctores puedes descargarla en Google Play, App Store o ingresar en agendapro.com desde tu celular.

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