Satisfaction Survey: Personalized, quality measurement, and more

See what your customers think of your business!

Optimize your business taking into account the opinion of your customers

The success of your business depends exclusively on the quality of the service you offer, and the best way to evaluate it is through the opinion of your customers. Send satisfaction surveys and make the necessary improvements so that your business is at the top of the market.


Find out what your customers think of your services

Of all the factors that influence a successful business, there is one that is fundamental and without it you have nothing.

The quality of your service is the most important
Knowing the opinion of your customers, you can make the necessary changes to have loyal customers who love your business.


Allows you to evaluate the quality of service provided by professionals in your business

The attention in your business is one of the most important factors for your customers to return again and again.

Don't lose customers because of bad service
More than once you must have heard that someone speaks ill of a business for poor service. By detecting this through a survey, you will prevent the number of detractors from your business from increasing.


Improve services that have poor ratings

Satisfaction surveys can be the most important tool to make improvements in your business.

Improve the bad and enhance the good
Through the surveys you will be able to identify which are your worst services and make the decision to eliminate or improve them, but the most important thing is that you will be able to promote the best services and thus increase your income quickly.

We have everything you need to digitize your business

What other functionalities can you find within AgendaPro?

cash system

Your box updated in real time

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Clinic history

History of your patients online

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Payment control

See who has paid for your services in real time

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Online Agenda

Organize your reservations online automatically

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Why use a system to schedule hours?

A software with an online agenda works like an ERP for SMEs. It is versatile, it can work as an agenda in your hairdresser or as a tool to keep the medical records of patients in a medical center. The system gives you the option to create your own mobile applications (mobile applications) such as google app and have management control of your business.

In addition to having inventory control and helping your marketing. All in the same administrative software for business. Schedule a demo and discover how we can help you.

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