Cloud Storage: Users, Roles, Data, and More

Connect from any device securely!

Take advantage of all the benefits of having the management of your business in the cloud

Forget hundreds of folders and shelves in your business, store all the information in the cloud in a safe and accessible way. It will allow your business to be scalable, efficient and supported.


Backup your business information and organize all data securely

Control who has access to sensitive business information. With AgendaPro you will be able to establish different levels of permissions for the staff of your business.

Avoid the theft of your database
All the information hosted in AgendaPro is within the Amazon servers, for this reason it has the highest security standards.


Guarantees data backup

All the information entered in AgendaPro is backed up so you don't have to worry.

You will never lose your customer information
You will never have a hard time because the information about a patient or the sessions carried out by a client was lost.


Our cloud software gives you automatic updates forever

Stay up to date with the latest changes in technology included in your subscription.

Updated service to your customers
With AgendaPro you offer an updated service with world trends, so your business is at the forefront of the market and in this way you will not miss any opportunity.


Enter your business information from anywhere with internet access

With all the information of your business in the cloud, you can enter from a computer with internet access from anywhere, home, travel, office, etc.

Run your business remotely
You will have all the information on reservations, cash flow, inventory control and much more wherever you are. It is the best way to keep the management of your business monitored.

We have everything you need to digitize your business

What other functionalities can you find within AgendaPro?

cash system

Your box updated in real time

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Clinic history

History of your patients online

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Payment control

See who has paid for your services in real time

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Online Agenda

Organize your reservations online automatically

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Why use a system to schedule hours?

A software with an online agenda works like an ERP for SMEs. It is versatile, it can work as an agenda in your hairdresser or as a tool to keep the medical records of patients in a medical center. The system gives you the option to create your own mobile applications (mobile applications) such as google app and have management control of your business.

In addition to having inventory control and helping your marketing. All in the same administrative software for business. Schedule a demo and discover how we can help you.

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